Baby Splash FAQs

What is the age range for these classes?

8 weeks to 4 months

My baby was born prematurely. When can I start?

Premature babies should start no sooner than 8 weeks from their full-term due date. Please consult your pediatrician.

Do you have classes for babies over 4 months?

Absolutely! If your baby is 4 months or older, you can join our regular Parent & Me lessons. These classes are 40 minutes long and focus on water safety and swimming fundamentals.

My baby is 4 months old, but I’m not sure about 40-minute lessons just yet... What options do I have?

As long as your baby is under 5 months of age by the start of the next Baby Splash session, you’re welcome to join a Baby Splash class to get to know the program before moving on to our regular Parent & Me lessons.


Do you offer these classes at other locations?

Warm water is important for these classes, so we are currently offering Baby Splash exclusively at our Tribeca Flagship pool, where we control the water temperature. We will be offering these lessons at our new Upper West Side Flagship, coming this Fall.

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