Imagine Classes

Imagine Swimming lessons are tailored to fit your child's individual needs. Regardless of age or ability, we will find the right class that best facilitates safe fun and joyful, natural learning.

What you won't find: Rigid levels and checklist teaching

What you will find: Lessons that are constantly adapted and structured around the fluid development of every young swimmer

Lesson Length: 40 "active" minutes. In too many programs, children are sitting on the sidelines for large portions of lessons, regardless of the activity. At Imagine, we strive for swimmers to be active in the water for the entire duration.

Class Ratios:

  • The "Classic" Imagine class has a 1:4 teacher / student ratio. We believe this class size provides the highest quality atmosphere for both skill development and social interaction. At Imagine, there are never more than four children in a regular group class.
  • 3-Year-Olds: For this age group, we keep the ratio even lower. 3-year-old classes are typically capped at 3 students until it's safe to add a fourth. This smaller ratio reflects the need for a bit of extra comfort and attention with this age.
  • Parent & Me Classes: For our Baby Swim classes (for children aged 4 months to 36 months), with parents still present in the water, ratios can be a bit higher, as there are always two arms on every child at all times. The maximum Parent & Me ratio is 1:6.
  • Stroke Enhancement classes are for advanced students who have an active interest in competitive swimming. The minimum age is eight years old. The focus of these classes is on swim team preparation. There is 1:6 teacher / student ratio, with classes consisting of technical stroke work and an introduction to the basics of team workouts and competitive terminology. 
  • The Squad program is geared toward swimmers ages 10-18 interested in practicing a few days a week, but who may not be interested in the full immersion of being on the swim team. The goal of the Squad program is to continue refining strokes, increasing endurance, and on general fitness in the water - in a fun pressure-free setting that is not focused on the destination of swim meets and racing. 

Imagine Classes

How do you determine which class is best for my child upon sign up?

When you register, our system will guide you through a series of questions to determine which class, or classes, is going to be the best option for your child. Once you have completed the questions, you can then choose which class will be best for you. Your child's first class will be a trial class, to ensure not only that they are indeed in the right class for them, but also that you are satisfied with our class as well.

What is a trial class?

A trial class is not a guarantee of perpetual enrollment but simply allows the Imagine team to assess if the class will be a good fit for your child, both from a safety and quality of lesson standpoint. Upon receiving the feedback from our staff, we will reach out with next steps, by either confirming continuation of the class or by looking for a better fit for your child. Once a class is confirmed, the remainder of the month's tuition will be processed. All classes, including the trial class, are $47 each.

How long are classes?

All classes are 40 minutes long with the exception of Adult Classes, which are 45 minutes long.

How many children are in a class?

At Imagine, there are never more than four children in a regular group class. 3-year-old classes are typically capped at 3 students until it's safe to add a fourth. For Baby Swim classes (ages 4 to 36 months), when parents are present in the water, there are up to six children in a class. We believe that small classes help retain the highest quality and integrity of teaching and learning, as well as ensure the safest environment for your child. In addition to group classes, we are sometimes able to offer semi-private (2 students:1 teacher ratio) classes and private (1:1 ratio) classes if we have surplus instructors and pool space.

How many times per week should my child swim?

Although most students at Imagine attend one lesson per week, many come twice a week. Quite simply, the more a child is in the water, the faster he or she will build confidence in his or her swimming ability.

How long will it take my child to learn how to swim?

Swimming is an individual process that develops over time. Each child learns to swim at his or her own pace. A child's attitude, comfort level, natural talent, and motor skills all contribute to his or her individual learning process.

What does my child need to bring to swim class?

Simply bring a suit and a towel! We provide all toys and equipment, including goggles and swim caps. Children under the age of three are required to wear a reusable swim diaper and a "Happy Nappy" on top for class. You can purchase these items at our swimshop at the flagship pool before your class. 

When should my child eat before class?

We strongly recommend that you follow the old rule-of-thumb about eating before swimming -- Please do not let your child have anything to eat 30 minutes prior to his or her lesson. Please note that accidents such as vomiting can result in the cancelation of all lessons for all children at the pool for a day or more.

Do I need to be in the water with my child for class?

If your child is under the age of three years old and in a “Parent & Me” class,  we require that you or a guardian join him or her in the pool for the lesson.

Where can I watch my child's class?

All of our pools have seating for parents and/or guardians. We ask that you please follow the NYC Department of Health Pool Rules, which are emailed as part of your child's class confirmation. At our TriBeCa Flagship facility, parents/guardians are asked to watch all lessons from the main viewing area while classes are in progress. This main room is separated from the pool by a wall of windows, providing a cool and comfortable spot to watch lessons! The main room also features a play area for siblings not in the pool as well as healthy vending machines for a snack.

Does Imagine offer adult classes?

  • Adult lessons are offered in the evenings at Imagine's TriBeCa Flagship facility.
  • Adult lessons are always one-on-one.
  • We welcome all levels - from adults who may have a pronounced fear of the water to accomplished athletes who might be looking for specific stroke development.

Does Imagine offer morning classes during the week?

We do offer morning classes every day at our TriBeCa Flagship facility. Additionally, we offer morning classes on the weekends at most other locations. For all class times, please view our Schedules & Locations page.

What if my child's classmates are more (or less) advanced?

We place children in classes based on both age and ability. If the class is not the right fit, we will do our best to find a more appropriate spot for your child. After each class day our teachers and Pool Attendant write a report letting us know the progress and daily happenings of the class. If we feel the current class is not the best fit for your child, we will reach out and find a better fitting class.

Do you have a swim team?

For students eight-years or older, proficient in all four strokes, Imagine 'graduates' its most promising students to its competitive swim team, the Manhattan Makos. The Makos practice times range from one-hour, twice a week, for 'pre-team' children to two-hour workouts six days per week for our most committed team members. Check out the Makos' very own site:

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