General Policies

Once you sign up with Imagine Swimming, or upgrade a trial class, a child is signed up on a perpetual basis, meaning that the weekly scheduled class is reserved on an ongoing until we receive a cancellation request via email from a parent. We do not have seasons nor semesters, and classes do not end automatically.

Questions & Queries - For pupil concerns and queries please reach out to your Class Manager or the team at Teachers must not be disturbed or interrupted at the poolside.

Swimwear - the wearing of loose fitting swimwear or baggy shorts is inadvisable as these prevent ease of movement in the water. We are happy to provide each swimmer with a cap and goggles for their lessons. Wetsuits and gear are available for purchase should you wish to take these home. We do not provide towels for lessons.

Diapers - All children under the age of 3, and any children who are not potty-trained, must wear one re-usable swim diaper and one Happy Nappy diaper cover in the water. Diapers must be snug around the hips & thighs. These are available for purchase at the Tribeca Flagship or via our website.

Know your pool’s personality - take note of your specific facility rules and share with your children and whoever may also accompany them to the lesson. This information can be found in your parent portal and on our website.

Please make sure you or your caregiver uses the appropriate locker room before, during and after the lesson.  Your child must be dressed and ready for lessons 5 minutes before class begins. Please check in with the deck supervisor when you arrive to your lesson.

In the event your regular teacher is ill or out, Imagine Swimming will organize a substitute teacher for the lesson. Imagine Swimming does not issue a class credit when there is a substitute teacher.

Safety First

Remain at the pool for the duration of your child’s lesson in case they need to use the bathroom. Outside of their class, all children are the sole responsibility of the parent or caregiver.

Absolutely no running, fighting, shouting or horseplay is allowed before during or after your child’s lesson.

If your child is feeling under the weather, specifically experiencing a fever or a contagious disease, please be considerate of others by keeping your child home from lessons for a minimum of 48 hours. If they have had diarrhea within the past two weeks, please do not bring them to the pool.

Please make certain your child has removed all bandages prior to class. If your child has an open cut or other wound, he/she may not be admitted to class.

Please make sure that your child does not come to class with any jewelry on.

No chewing gum allowed in lessons.

Please let students from previous classes get out of the pool before getting in the water.

Your child should never enter the pool until your teacher is in the water and ready for the next class.

Discontinuation of Enrollment

To discontinue classes, Imagine Swimming requires 30 days written notice, via email, to: 

This serves to protect families so they can show date of discontinuation request, as monthly billing is directly linked to discontinuation request date.  Without proof of discontinuation in email, credits/refunds will not be given.

Missed Classes & Make Up Policy

Imagine Swimming does not offer make ups for missed classes, nor do we credit for missed classes.  You will be billed for all scheduled classes for the month, regardless of attendance. 


Of course, Imagine Swimming will make exceptions for extenuating circumstances such as injuries, or extended illness when a doctor’s note is provided.  We allow up to 4 consecutive weeks credit for injuries, such as broken bones where casts are not allowed to get wet, or stitches.  However, we do not credit for missed classes due to minor illness nor flu.


Imagine Swimming bills on a monthly cycle.  The cost per class is $47, so if there are 4 classes in that month, the monthly charge is $188. This can vary depending on how many weeks are in a month.  Scheduled closures are not billed.  Public holidays that are not scheduled for closure may be credited with a 30 days written notice sent to

A credit card is saved in our secure server upon sign up, and this card is charged at the beginning of each month, for the upcoming month’s scheduled classes. 

For example, if your child will swim for the month of April, your card will be charged for all scheduled April classes on April 1st.  Any changes made to your child’s classes after the 1st of the month, will be reflected in May’s billing.

All new families will be signed up to do a trial class at a cost of $47 per class, the regular cost of a class.   Once a trial class is upgraded, the remainder of the month’s tuition will be processed.

Sibling discounts (5%) are applied once a trial is upgraded to the sibling's account only.  

When any charges are made to a card, Imagine Swimming will email a receipt of purchase/tuition.

If a credit card is declined, an email will be sent by Imagine Swimming to the parent, requesting an update of credit card.  Updating a card can be done from this email, by clicking on the link, which directs a parent to their parent portal, and a new card can be entered in our secure server.  Updating credit card details can also be done over the phone by calling us on 212-253-9650.  We do not update credit cards via email.

Failure to update a card in a timely manner, i.e. by the next billing cycle, will result in a $25 late fee and cancellation of lessons.  After two months of unpaid tuition, Imagine Swimming will turn outstanding accounts over to a collection agency.

Inclement Weather 

It is the sole right of Imagine Swimming to cancel lessons due to inclement weather. Imagine will make every effort to determine the status of lessons as early as possible in the day, based on available hourly forecasts.

Imagine will text and email all affected families should lessons be canceled.

Should Imagine Swimming determine that lessons must be canceled due to weather conditions, a class credit will be applied to your next month’s tuition. Imagine will determine the day of, and not before, whether or not a cancellation is in order. By and large, we follow NYC Public School status on days of inclement weather.

Imagine Swimming does not offer credits or refunds for weather if pools are open as regularly scheduled.

Updates are posted to the Schedules and Locations tab on our webpage, as well as to facility-specific pages from the drop-down menu.

Unplanned Pool Closures

Unforeseen closures of pools do happen, due to incorrect chemical levels, temperature fluctuations, accidental fecal accidents etc.  When these occur, we text and call families as soon as possible to notify them that classes are canceled for the day.  A credit is issued to each affected family, and this is deducted from the following month’s tuition.  There are no make-ups for these unplanned closures.

Placing your spot “On Hold” – Summer Only

Our summer “on hold” feature can be used between Memorial Day and Labor Day only.

For families who spend much of the summer months outside of the city, but want to hold their spots until Labor Day, you can place your regularly schedules classes “on hold” through the summer. For a weekly fee of $10 per class, per child, your spot will be reserved for your return in September. Many families find this helpful, as it is one less activity to schedule in the back-to-school madness!

We require TWO weeks email notice to place classes on hold. Please email the dates you would like to place on hold.  These dates can be consecutive for the entire summer, or they can be scattered throughout. Again, without email proof of dates to be placed on hold, Imagine Swimming will not credit for missed classes.

If you choose not to put your classes on hold but want to return to swim in September, we cannot guarantee your class will be available and ask that you register again, during open registration starting on the first Monday of August.

Imagine Swimming reserves the right to expel any student/parent who does not comply with these policies.


Lost and Found

Imagine Swimming is not responsible for items lost or left behind at any facility. If you leave something behind at our Tribeca Flagship then please call us at 212.253.9650 and we will do our best to assist you. However, we do not have any control over lost and found items at any other facility.




Summer “On Hold”

What is this “Summer On Hold” courtesy I keep hearing about?

For families who spend much of the summer months outside of the city, we offer the option of putting your regularly scheduled classes “on hold” through the summer for a fee of $10 per class, per child.  Your spot will be reserved, waiting for your return in September.  Many families find this helpful, as it is one less activity to reserve in the back-to-school madness!

The feature is available from May 26th until September 4th. 

How do I put my classes “on hold” over the summer?

To put your classes on hold, login to your Parent Portal and click "Options" next to each active enrollment. Select the "On Hold Periods" button and select your "on hold" periods.

Note: you should select the first class you intend to hold and the last class you intend to hold.

What if I do not need to put all of my classes “on hold” for the summer?

You can select the individual classes you would like to place "on hold" by logging into your Parent Portal --> Click Options next to each active enrollment that applies --> Select On Hold Periods --> Set start & End date of the "On Hold" period.  

ie. To place July 3rd on hold, the start date is July 3rd and end date is July 3rd.  

What if choose not to put my classes “on hold” for the summer but I want to return in September?

We cannot guarantee your existing class spot will be available in the fall and ask that you register again, during open registration starting July 31st. 

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